Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Kuching | Day 1

Spontaneous trip.

Made a short trip across the South China Sea to Kuching last week. Stayed for four days and tried almost every food a tourist can possibly try in Kuching. To put everything into one post would be too long so I'm just gonna break it down to the number of days I was there. Here's the food summary of my 1st day.

Chong Choon Cafe (Jalan Abell)

First stop for breakfast upon arrival.

 3 layer tea *
(Quite nice, not too sweet)

Sarawak Laksa - RM3 *
(This coffee shop is known for this and it was pretty good tbh. Shrimps were fresh and crunchy & soup was good! Only wished it had more soup, proportionate to the amount of noodles at least. Hehe)

Mee Goreng - RM3 & Popiah - RM2
(Apparently this mee goreng is popular here but I don't see the reason why. Nothing great and the stall is dirty. As for the popiah, it tastes a lil different from the ones we have here in KL but I can't quite distinguish what is it. Sorry for the vague description :p)

Song Kheng Hai Hawker Centre (Lorong 15, off Jln Padungan)

Meehoon Belacan - RM4.50 (big)
(Very pungent belacan taste. The meehoon is not fried but just soaked and belacan gravy which is grey-ish in colour is poured over it and topped with brown squid, bean sprouts, sweet sauce & sambal. The taste might not interest everyone but it's something different, not what we're normally used to.)

Tomato Noodle - RM4.50
(Deep fried yee mee with tomato gravy topped with shredded chicken & bbq pork slices. Can't compare it to anything I know because this is only found in Kuching. Gravy is lukewarm which was quite disappointing cos the noodles could not soak and soften so it tastes like you're eating Mamee Monster with gravy. Lol. No, I'm serious.)

Honey Lime - RM2

Aroma Cafe (Jln Tabuan)

Fish Umai - RM10 (small) *
(I would describe this as our local ceviche. It's basically raw fish, red snapper is often used, marinated with shallots, chilies & lime juice. Not a fan of raw meat? Fret not, when you actually eat this dish, the fish is already cooked! Apparently, the marinating process cooks the fish. Ta-da!)

Ayam Pansuh - RM16 (medium)
(Bamboo chicken - traditionally the chicken meat will be stuffed in a bamboo together with onions, ginger, lemon grass & cassava leaves to cook)

Midin Belacan - RM15 (medium) *
(A type of fern fried with shrimp paste a.k.a belacan. This dish can only be found in East Malaysia so try it when you're here!)

Cangkuk Manis with Egg - RM10 (medium) *
(Here in West Malaysia, we'd call this daun pucuk manis, simple stir fry with eggs)

Verdict: My personal favs are the ones I've marked with *
Chong Choon was rather disappointing as a whole mainly because of it's cleanliness. The only thing I'd go back to eat is the S'wak Laksa. As for the hawker centre, nothing much to comment except that you need to try those two noodles when in Kuching as you can never find it here in WM.
Dinner at Aroma Cafe was pretty interesting with all these dishes that I've not tried before. Although every dish was saltier than normal dishes would, I'd say their food is pretty good & pricing is very reasonable too.

 Stay tuned for food summary of Day 2! Peace out!

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