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Having done some personal blogging in my heydays for about four years, I stopped when life got in the way. Meh :/
Very recently, a friend commented that maybe I should try a different type of blogging - leisure kind. Subsequently, my family too encouraged for me to give it a go although I'm rather hesitant about the idea knowing that I won't be able to compete with all the established bloggers out there.

I thought about it and decided that there's no harm in giving it a shot, after all, what can I lose? Worse case, I just don't get readers at all or if I do have readers, they hate my posts and never return. Haha

Life is like a board of puzzles, you piece together puzzles of memories, experiences, relationships and feelings to form this board. So I hope this can be a platform for me to share new, interesting and exciting puzzles with you, fellow netizens so that we can all share to form this board of puzzles together!

I also hope that this will be a place where people can find useful and helpful info and at the same time have a lil bit fun reading the posts.

I hope to be sharing on the subjects of food, travel, beauty, promos, contests and more although, I think it'd most likely end up with mostly posts on food, being a Malaysian I think that's inevitable. Haha. So stay tuned as I continue to fill this blog with stuff! Hehe

Do give me a shoutout or hello if you have enjoyed my blog! Would definitely love to hear from you! At least then I know I'm not writing to an empty space. Haha

Enjoy! xx

Email: purplepuzzles01@gmail.com
Instagram: purplepuzzles

*Disclaimer: All reviews & posts are written purely by my own free will. Not paid unless stated otherwise.

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