Monday, October 19, 2015

Kuching | Day 2

Food, food, food and more food.

Brace yourself for a long post consisting of 95% food. Haha. So here's how day 2 went:

Visit to Sarawak Museum

Free of charge but only the Muzium Etnologi (pic above) has stuff to see and it's actually not too bad. A lot of things to see and learn about Sarawak :)

Of course, the obligatory photo taking with the cat statue :p

Song Kheng Hai Hawker Centre
Cococane drink (Coconut + Sugar Cane) 
RM2.30 each for big 

Famous Sarawak Kompia (Stall name is Rihga - the end one in the above pic)

Can't really recall the price but I think it's RM1 per piece
Crispy fried bread with char siew stuffing. Best eaten when still hot & fresh

Pork Satay (Carpenter Street)

RM0.70 per stick
(Juicy, tender and yummylicious satay! Must try!)

Kolo Mee - RM5.00
(In the same food court as the pork satay, there's also other food and we ordered kolo mee on top of the satay. It was actually quite nice. They were very generous with the ingredients although the price here is higher than most kolo mee out there.)

Sunny Hill Ice Cream (Jln Bukit Cahaya)

RM2.95 each
(The flavours vary depending on the days. I went on a Tuesday so it was Strawberry. I reading somewhere that says Wednesday it's either Pandan / Corn, Thursday & Friday is Chocolate. Weekends not too sure. 
Very smooth and creamy texture. Not too sweet as well which is great! It melts pretty fast so I'm assuming it's because they didn't add preservatives =) Definitely great place to cool off a hot sunny day!)

Dinner at Topspot (Jln Green Hill)

It's an open air located on the 6th floor of the UTC building. Super near the Waterfront.

There are a couple of big restaurant there that dominate the place besides some smaller vendors. There were 2 that had a lot customers - Ling Loong Seafood and Bukit Mata Seafood. We didn't know which is better so we just randomly picked Ling Loong. Hehe

Their ingredients for dishes are displayed outside and once you've placed your order, the staff will pick the ingredients for your dishes and bring them to the cook behind.

For 4 pax, we ordered Assam Fish, Deep Fried Squid, Wet Butter Prawns & Mixed Vege
Fish price was RM33

Squid - RM18

Mixed vege - RM13

Butter Prawns - RM21

Total = RM94.30 (including 4 rice & GST)
(Food generally was so so but my brother said it's more about the experience of dining here. The fish was tasted very fishy, they used Red Snapper apparently. Butter prawns was actually nice.) 

Then we did a short stop at Dataran Merdeka for some pics. The huge decorated trees here are apparently one of the oldest in Kuching. 

Supper (Open Air Market @ Jln Khoo Hun Yeang)

Pork Porridge - RM3.50 (w/out egg), RM4.00 (with egg)
(We were being very crazy and decided to head for pork porridge after our heavy dinner. Haha. Apparently this pork porridge is quite popular. First of all, it's so cheap! And they gave a lot of pork! The porridge is the grainy type and it's tasty. Perfect for a rainy night when you feel like having something comforting. )


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